Old School

I’ve been struggling to find a groove with my current writing project. I take lots of notes on my phone, in my work notebook and in my personal bullet journal. Then I try to translate it all into a Google document. This process isn’t going well.

I picked up an older journal where I’d attempted Morning Pages and magic happened. I write a header at the top of the page as to what chapter I’m writing. I scribble about 3-10 pages each day. Some times it is just broad strokes of actions or character descriptions. Other times I write detailed chapters.

I’m not scared of the word processor. This is my process for this novel.

When I’ve completed a beginning, middle and end, I’ll start the process of transcription. This will complete my second draft. I’ll flesh out those broad strokes, correct inconsistencies and maybe strengthen theme.

I used to question my process until it started working for me.

Spike Lee’s first drafts are written entirely on 5 by 7 index cards. Each note card contained snippets of the whole: thoughts on theme, dialogue, setting, character descriptions, etc. Then he sorts them into order and begins writing a longhand screenplay. It works for him and he’s one of my favorite filmmakers.

What’s your process?

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